Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Free" Birthday Shopping

I don't know about you, but the Asian inside of me comes out when I hear free. I love when my birthday rolls around and all the birthday coupons or offers start making their way to my email inbox. (I admit, the birthday specials are pretty much the only reason I sign up for newsletters or email lists. It's either that or they say you can instantly save 10-15% on your next purchase when you sign up--which I never use either.) Hope you enjoy reading about my experience and if you're not subscribed to these stores, maybe it will tempt you into doing so :)

So yesterday I went to redeem a few things. I'm bummed that I missed out on one but it's okay. Here's what I had going into shopping at Stonestown:

  • Sephora - Free birthday gift
  • Sephora - $5 Wrapp gift card
  • H&M - $6 Wrapp gift card
  • Victoria's Secret - Birthday $10 off your purchase
  • Victoria's Secret - Free cheekster
  • Bare Escentuals - Free birthday gift
  • The Club at Stonestown Galleria - Free $10 gift card (missed)
So the Stonestown Galleria gift card is the one I missed out on because you have to redeem it before 5pm and I got there too late. So bummed because it would've been so convenient to redeem all my birthday coupons in one visit. Oh well. Here's how it went down:
  • Sephora - Originally got 1 nail polish ($4.50) but needed to exceed the $5 to use the gift card so just got 2 nail polishes for ~$5 (like BOGO basically!), my 2013 birthday gift, and a 2012 one because they had extra. Score!!
  • H&M - Bought a tank top ($8) and jean shirt ($25). The Wrapp gift card almost covered the tank top but I had 2 other H&M gift cards to cover the rest. 
  • Victoria's Secret - I got a mini body mist ($10) and a cheekster. $0 paid - perfectly even :) 
  • Bare Escentuals - Free eyeshadow.
Sephora 2013 Birthday Gift
Sephora 2012 Birthday Gift
Bare Escentuals Birthday Gift

Victoria's Secret Body Mist ($10)

Monday, July 22, 2013

ReFitRev: REFIT Workout #10

I decided to do a more exciting workout. There is this YouTube channel I'm subscribed to called ReFitRev that had dance fitness workouts similar to Zumba that I hadn't tried yet. They have different playlists that are each ~45mins long that consist of a variety of different songs and moves.

Today I tried the REFIT Workout #10. The playlist can be found here. It was pretty fun. I looked at the "About" section on their channel and noticed that they promote faith and culture as well, which is demonstrated in their song choices (like Christian songs) and cultural dance moves. It definitely reminded me of a Zumba class I took at my college rec center. It leaves you breathless at times (have water nearby) but it's not as intense and tiring as interval training videos I've tried because the moves are fun and more lightweight. The song choices are very interesting. A mix of Christian, Pop (yeah, I danced to One Direction), Reggaeton?...there's variety. It's kind of fun dancing to songs you don't know. The moves just go along with the beat, this beat you've never heard of. This playlist made it fun to work out today. Not too intense but doable! Maybe I'll try a different playlist later on in the week.

Anyway, I'm interested to see if I'll be sore tomorrow. I feel like my core really got worked out...maybe even arms??

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July: Crafts Haul

I bought quite a few things this half month alone after my whole graduation and grad thank you card making marathon. Just thought I'd share! Since I bought so many things already in the past two weeks, I won't be buying anymore for the rest of the month (hopefully). This is kinda like a makeup haul but...a crafts haul.

Custom stamp from Modernartstamps on Etsy.
My absolute favorite!! Can't wait to put it on a block and use it!! :)
Birthday stamp from The Paper Garden, Sacramento.
Expressions stamps from Michael's, El Dorado Hills. 40% off :)
4-sided leaf stamp from Michael's, El Dorado Hills. 40% off :)
Ink pads:
Gray and dark brown ink pads from Michael's, El Dorado Hills.
4 hues of green ink pads from Michaels, El Dorado Hills.
Card stock:
Card stock pad from Target, Colma.

Super smooth black pen from The Paper Garden, Sacramento.
Knife and cutting mat:

Olfa knife and cutting mat from Amazon.
Craft storage box:
4-drawer craft storage box from Michael's, Colma.
Tip: If you're ever in the Sacramento area and you love stamps, visit The Paper Garden!!! It will overwhelm you with amazing stamps and card ideas. The products there come with a higher price but it's higher quality. You'll find anything you need for cards or scrapbooking. I loved it there (it was like card-making heaven) and I'll have to go back and take a class there one day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

My New Craft Storage Box!

I know it may sound weird but I got really excited to get a storage box for all my craft supplies. If you really like doing crafts, you'd probably get excited too. It's definitely an upgrade from storing all my stuff in plastic bags and old shoe boxes. Here's how I organized it and a peek at all the supplies I use :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY: Framed Calligraphy Quote

I found this idea on Pinterest so I thought it would be a cute idea for a graduation gift. I used a quote that I found and liked and used the fake Calligraphy technique I've been using recently (I'll have to make a blog post on that really quick soon too). I chose the quote "Go the extra mile. It's never crowded."

I know I forgot the apostrophe in the quote but I edited it before I gave it to my friend so just ignore the error :) 

Materials: Shadowbox frame, pen, two pieces of paper (background paper and a cardstock paper for easy cutting), xacto knife, and cutting mat to cut on. 

The finished product:
This was my first time using an xacto knife and cutting mat (if you want to buy one, buy on Amazon! It's cheaper than Michael's). So it wasn't perfect but I'm sure I just need some practice.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Current Favorite: Veggie Wraps

Ironically, there seems to be no food at home! So one day I just made a veggie burrito. A few leaves of lettuce, a small tomato, and half an avocado sliced to small pieces put into the middle of a large tortilla and wrapped up in the shape of a burrito. I don't have any pictures of the finished product but here it is prior to wrapping. You can add dressing or taco sauce to it too to add some flavor.

It's pretty healthy and I think I like it so much because I've been over homemade sandwiches this whole past year. So this is a nice change! And you can fill it up with a variety of things. Quick and easy--college student status :p 
Tomatoes, lettuce, avocado on flour tortilla (dressing optional).

Handmade: Graduation Cards

I got the idea of posting my handmade cards because each one is at least a little different from another and it'd be kinda cool to see how my card making style changes over time. I made a series of graduation cards and a series of thank you cards recently and they are both dramatically different alone. I'll post the many thank you cards in my next post.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own creativity and this is just mine :)