Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's in my Car?

As some of you may know, I recently purchased my first car (with the help of my parents for the down payment). In order to fully equip it, I have loads of stuff organized in my car that I may ever need. Here are the items I have in my car and I hope it gives you ideas of what you can put in yours. You never know when you'll need any of these items! 

Glove Compartment
  • New car paperwork
  • Registration
  • FasTrak
  • Tissues - I have a small pile of tissues but if it fits, I suggest a small tissue box like those found in hotels like this one.
  • Phone car stand
Center Console
  • Sunglasses - 2 pairs just in case I take one with me and forget to put one back.
  • Microfiber towel - To wipe my side mirrors in the morning if there's condensation.
  • Hair ties
  • Mints
  • Gum
  • Phone car charger
  • Mini sample of perfume - In case I feel like smelling really good.
  • Quarters - For metered parking, of course :(
Door Compartments
  • Hair clips
  • Hand sanitizer - People (including myself) will eat in the car. To clean the hands!
  • Handwipes - When hand sanitizer just won't cut it.
  • Lint roller - For fabric seats to control the hair that sheds all over the place. Or for unexpected linty clothes when going somewhere important.
  • Napkins - Can never have too many of these!! 
  • Car box -  This box stays in the trunk all the time and is filled with more miscellaneous items. (See photo below.)
    • Throw blanket - For spontaneous picnics, bonfires, drive-in dates, or just when you're hanging out in the car cold.
    • Single use hand wipe/floss/mouthwash - I received this; didn't buy it for myself but felt like the car would be a great place to have it!
    • Deodorant - Unexpected sports or activities?
    • Vaseline - For those days I forget chapstick; remember to stand it up; it can leak!
    • Plastic bags - For grocery shopping when you forget to bring a bag.
    • Pair of socks - Specifically for if I go shopping for shoes when I'm wearing flip flops or go bowling in flip flops or sandals and need a pair of socks.
    • First aid kit - Mostly for the bandaids.
    • Tissues - Can never have too many of these!
    • Tampons (or any other feminine products for the ladies) - Never know when you'll need them.
    • Sweatshirt/hoodie - For days I underdress or nights I didn't plan on being out (not pictured).
    • Water bottles - Super important. I always find myself thirsty or have passengers who want water (not pictured).

  • Squeegee - To wipe off that morning condensation.

Additional Suggestions
  • Garbage bag - This is the one I have that I line with a small plastic bag and it works really well.
  • Body lotion - When I leave the house and forget to put lotion on my legs.
  • $20 in cash - For unexpected toll fees (if you don't have a FasTrak) or any other miscellaneous things, like if you forget your wallet at home.
If you have any other items in your car that I didn't list, feel free to comment and share! :)

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