Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Graduation Photography

Hi guys!!!

I'm so excited about this post. I've never done an actual photo shoot before but I had the honor of taking one of my best friend's graduation photos!! They're not official photos with a cap and gown but these were for her graduation announcement cards. This was her first time modeling and my first time taking photos of a model so bear with us both :)

Overall, it was A LOT of fun though. We got the afternoon sun in SF, clear skies, of course some wind, and great views and backgrounds. I ended up taking about 250 photos within the span of 2 hours. These were taken at the Legion of Honor and SF State University. Here are some of our favorite shots.
This was a little different than my normal blog posts but I hope you enjoyed the photos! I know, she's so beautiful isn't she?? :)

P.S. If you have any tips on doing photo shoots, leave them in a comment below!! For example, I definitely had no idea what to do with stray hairs. Do I photoshop them out and how or do I keep them in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Great pictures Amanda! :)
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